Chamonix to Zermatt – France / Switzerland. In the recent period Dolomites the Alta Via 1 hiking trail is getting quite popular among hikers from all over the world. Today is a lovely hike through the Altopiano di Fanes to the Lagazuoi Escorted hiking tours on the Alta Via 1 with a local expert in July, August, September. As a rule of thumb, there is no reason that the collective weight of your bag should exceed 9 kg/20 lbs (not including water). In 9 days you will hike from the Braies Lake to the city of Belluno. Culturally, the area is home to distinct Austrian influences. Two additional nearby cities are: Milan: Milan is 190 km from Verona and the total travel time by train to Villabassa is about 5.5 hours. Therefore, the first and last bus that get to the lake and to the start of the trail are the buses of 8:09 and 18:09 (6:09 pm), respectively. Where to fly and how to get to the start of the hike with public transport: Verona: the easiest way to get to the start of the trail is from the city of Verona, 250 km away. Arrive in Cortina d’Ampezzo (1,224m / 4,016') on your own and check into your hotel (private transfer available on request). It is possible to skip the resting day if you are fit.The route starts out easy and gets tougher every passing … From the rifugio, descend to the Val Civetta over the Col Rean, through beautiful, open, green meadows to the narrow valley of Val Corpassa. challenging, multi-day trails available in this mountainous wonderland. You'll enjoy beautiful panoramas of the Western Dolomites and dramatic gap in the mountain with a trail descent through steep talus on Furthermore, dinner at the Rifugio is served at 19:00 (7 pm) and whoever is late will have to make do with leftovers. All of a sudden the Pelmo (3,168m / 10,394') will be incredibly close, and at this range it’s easy to understand why it was dubbed ‘Throne of the Gods’. Huayhuash – Peru. the path begins the long, steady climb to your rifugio. This chic Alpine town also caters to the high society crowd, offering many year-round social activities, shopping, and fine dining. Today you will make a long … Get directions, maps, and traffic for Las Vegas, NV. The nearest community to the starting point of the trail is the town of Villabassa-Niederdorf. The way back is different, of course, since you end up over 100 km South, as the crow flies, from the starting point and also because the number of destinations by train from the city of Belluno at the end of the hike are relatively limited. From the airport, take a bus to the train station Verona Porta Nuova. So anyone arriving to the start of the trail up until 16:00 (4 pm) could still manage to get to one of the Rifugios by daylight. This “wall of walls” extends for over 4 miles (6km)! The bus station is right by the exit from the terminal. Want to learn what it’s like to stay in a rifugio before you visit? Why not extend your adventure!Dolomite Mountains offers fantastic extensions that you can enjoy before or after your trip in the Dolomites. Planning and executing the hike take a little work so I've put together this list to help you along the process. You have entered an incorrect email address! Venice: Venice is 120 km from Verona and the total travel time by train to Villabassa is about 4.5 hours. Italian Südtirol, and heads south through different mountain groups. (~ 5 hours hiking 12,5km / 7,8 miles, 487m / 1,597' ascent, 946m / 3,105' descent.). creates unique, active outdoor experiences in Northern Italy’s Dolomites and Beyond. traveling by foot through this beautiful and remote area. 1 Food in Dolomites Site Info Dolomiti Links Site Map … Season: mid-June to the third week of September. The Dolomites has a multi-faceted culture and history that is reflected in each village we visit, and we make sure to provide you with the most authentic experience of the region possible through the hotels and B&Bs we offer. Rides are weather dependent. The region is characterized by jagged mountains, high exposed precipices and spectacular lakes, creating dramatic and unique views, different from the classic alpine views. In terms of daylight hours, the sunset in Italian summer is around 21:00 (9 pm) in July and around 20:00 (8 pm) in August. It even prompted Mark Twain to pen that “the Creator made Italy from designs by Michelangelo.” One of the most incredible hikes, well known to trekking enthusiasts, is the Dolomites Alta Via 1 (High Route 1) trail starting at Lago di Braies in South Tyrol, Northern Italy. Dolomite Mountains s.r.l. That is to say, those who take the first cable car down from Rif Lagazoui at 9:00 in the morning will arrive between 16:00-17:30 to one of the two Rifugios. Alta Via 1 seems to be easier and more crowded, whereas Alta Via 2 is more rugged … Map multiple locations, get transit/walking/driving directions, view live traffic conditions, plan trips, view satellite, aerial and street side imagery. Rifugio Cinque Torri / Rif Averau / Rif Nuvolau / Rif Scoiattoli, Rif Carestiato / Rif Passo Duran / Rif San Sebastiano. Continue hiking to the near Rifugio Bruto Carestiato (1,839m / 6,033’). my partner and I are planning a trip to the Dolomites this summer (late June to early-mid July). At the Rifugio you can have a meal break, eat and take in the amazing views, and afterwards take the cable car straight from the Rifugio to Road 48 to Passo Palzargo (operating in summer until 17:00/5 pm). Set in spectacular locations high in the Dolomites, rifugi are accessible only on foot (with a few exceptions that are reachable by car). Whether on a panoramic sightseeing ride or an airport transfer, you'll appreciate a bird's eye view of the stunning scenery aboard state-of-the-art single engine helicopters. The Alta Via 1 also weaves through fascinating open air war museums at Mount Lagazuoi (the Alta Via 1’s highest point) and Cinque Torri (Five Towers). Strada Micurá de Rü, 18 - 39036 San Cassiano in Badia (BZ), Italy, © Dolomite Mountains s.r.l. Hotels and chalets are available in the larger villages, while agriturismos (working farms with accommodations similar to B&Bs) are more common in rural areas. Like its famous cousins, the Alta Vias 1 and 2, this trek uses via ferratas, the cable-and-ladder “iron ways” that enable hikers with no climbing experience … This is the most difficult variant of this route and … these WWI tunnels and fortifications en route to your rifugio, one of This route is also known by the name Alte Via Dell Adamello. Hiking Alta Via N.1 of The Dolomites . Please note that the first and second buses of the day (leaving at 7:09 and 7:29 respectively) and the last bus of the day (at 19:09) do not get to the final station at the lake, but rather to the station one before last. In the afternoon, you will meet with a Dolomite Mountains representative who will provide a trip briefing and orientation, as well as maps, and everything necessary for your self-guided adventure. Both routes … The classic Alta Via 1 goes from the Braies lake in South Tyrol to a town of Belluno at the southern edge of the Dolomites. Marvelous views open over Val Foresta and its peaks.Enter the Natural Park of Dolomiti d’Ampezzo: the panorama is vast and breathtaking. What has changed: Deuce on the Strip - The Deuce has been extended to South Strip Transit Terminal & the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets 24 hours a day. Explore Venice, Verona, Lake Garda, Florence, or Milan, or any of the many other magical places found throughout Italy. Boarding the train without punching your ticket in the machine may result in a fine to the ticket holder. Each trail traverses a section of the Dolomites from top to bottom, north to south, maintaining medium-high altitude, and exploring spectacular angles of the different mountainous groups of the range. the highest in all the Dolomites (2,752m / 9,029'), with incredible Travel distances by train from Belluno to main cities include: The Rifugios on the route can be divided into 2 categories: publicly owned Club Alpino Italiano Rifugios and private Rifugios. Alta Via 1 is a popular dolomites trek in the South Tyrol region starting at Lago di Braies. Contact us for a quotation. views, rustic and lively mountain refuges, a sense of excitement of what karst formations, climbing to the Forcella del Lago, a narrow and Turn left at the road and after walking about 2 km, you will get to the cable car that goes up to Rif Scoiattoli and to Cinco Torri (the last cable car goes at 17:00). There are 40 different Rifugios along the route, most private, and the variety of huts allows flexibility in deciding the number of days of the trip. This stage is of great interest for both the spectacular mountains around and the abundance of reminders of the terrible years of WWI, due to the vicinity of the former border between the long-dismantled Hapsburg Empire and Italy. This is a public Rifugio with basic amenities (there is a hot shower) but with a wonderful atmosphere and an amazing panoramic 360 view which is visible from the viewpoint just a few meters above the hut. Munich is 330 km away from the start of the trail and is also a good starting point. Departing Passo Staulanza, you’ll hike by several farms and join a popular trail that climbs to the shoulder of Monte Coldai, anchoring one end of the famous Monte Civetta. The highest point reached by the standard route is 2,752m (9,029ft) and the height gain on the route is around 6,665m (21,833ft). Reach the main road that goes from Cortina to Passo Falzarego, cross it and climb through forests to the fascinating, renowned Cinque Torri area and its rifugios. Reach Forcella del Camp (1,933m / 6,341’) and you’ll get the breathtaking spectacle of the Moiazza Sud. This is not a survival journey in a wild outback region and there are no apres-ski parties in the huts in the evenings. Whoever chooses this option can comfortably descend from Rif Averau in the dirrection of Passo Giau without having to climb up to RIf Nuvolau. The ‘High Trail Number 1’ or, in short, the ‘AV1’ is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. traversing the heart of the Dolomites mountain range in Northern Italy. scenery and the variety of terrain on this route is matched only by the It features an elevation gain of 1,313ft over 21.14mi. the south side. Do more with Bing Maps. Tour of Mont Blanc – France / Italy / Switzerland, Berlin High Trail / Berliner hohenweg – Austria, Chamonix to Zermatt – France / Switzerland. The place is efficient, spacious and comfortable with good food. As of the 2018 schedule (LINK), the bus runs between the hours of 7:09 (am) to 19:09 (7:09 pm) and for most of the day leaves every half hour, except at noon and in the evening when there is a bus every hour. ... 25 Multi-day Routes in Italy's Dolomites. Anyone coming from Verona, Venice or Milan could break up the journey by stopping at the charming city of Bolzano. Another possibility is to shorten the second hiking day and to lodge at Rif Fanes or Rif Lavarella instead of staying the night at Rif Lagazuoi. Hiking Alta Via N.1 of The Dolomites : Trek the Alta Via N.1 of the Dolomites – 9 days, almost 77 kilometers (48 miles), and some of the most breathtaking scenery in these incredible Italian Alps. Massif. The third night will be spent in one of the Rifugios along the trail, according to your itinerary. Want even more? The Dolomite rifugi are considered the best in the Alps. The Alta Via 1 is a walking trail through the Italian Dolomites, for 120km (75 miles) from Dobbiaco in the North to Belluno in the South. Home Alta Via 1 – Italy Map route- Alta via 1. Travel time is about 15 minutes. Each according to his/her desire and ability. Routes 207 and 209 - No longer operate on Saturday & Sunday calendar days. We can add several days of via ferrata to your trek, on day 6 traversing the breathtaking Pelmo, and day 10 before you return to Cortina. Some hikers know this trail as Dolomite High Route 1. When you reach Lake Lé Piciodel you’ll hike through a charming landscape studded with little lakes and rounded mountain-tops along the Ru d’Al Plan River. The Alta Via N.1 is a fantastic trek, highlighted by breathtaking Bellunesi.Spread across 80 kilometers (49 miles), the entire Alta Via 1 reaches Prefer luxury accommodations?You can also book a custom departure of this trip using our Luxury Hotels. While some are dormitory style with bunk beds, many meet the standard of a simple guest house with private rooms and en-suite bathrooms, and each has its own unique character and charm. The hike is not especially difficult, relative to mountain hiking, and anybody with reasonable physical fitness and motivation should be able to complete it. On the last day of the trail there is the option of Via Ferrata. About midway past this wall you climb to your rifugio, perched on mountaintop with views to the Val Civetta, down the Alleghe Valley and west to the Marmolada Glacier. Important notes regarding the Rifugios along the route. רקע Alta Via 1 # המקור הטוב והמקיף ביותר בנוגע למידע על טרק ה-Alta Via 1 (ובקיצור AV1) הוא הפורום של אתר והשרשור שמנהל אמנון לנגי (מצרף קישור בסוף הבלוג). The weak point in the proposed route is that it is hard to find places for lodging at Rif Lagazuoi so another good option is to stay at the excellent Rif Scotoni, which is right along the way to Rifugio Lagazuoi, on trail number 11. contrasts in landscapes, changing colors and textures of the mountains The route I’m about to describe is not the full Alta Via 1, but an adaptation to fit it in one full week. Credit cards: as of 2018, all of the Rifugios accept credit cards, however it is recommended to bring cash in the event of some hitch, since there is no way to take cash out throughout the length of the trail. Rainproof gear, however, is necessary. Still want more adventure? The impressiveness of the Italian Office +39 0471 840005 They’re numbered 1-6. Innsbruck is 130 km from the start of the trail and is the nearest big city. Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. To learn even more about rifugi in the Dolomites, check out our Rifugios in the Dolomites article, and learn about one of the best ways to experience these incredible mountains! The trail leads over the Forcella Giau (2,360m / 7,742’) with plenty of ups and downs; here the views of the Tofana and Monte Cavallo are inspiring, not to mention the mountains on display to the south: Monte Fromin, Cernera, Pelmo and the upswept flank of Monte Mondeval. Find all the transport options for your trip from Venice to Alta Via 1 right here. Altavia delle Dolomiti 1 [AV1] - Wandermap is one of the largest collections of hike routes on the web. Located just beneath the Limo Pass, you’ll have a splendid view of the Tofane Mountains(~4 hours hiking 7.4km / 4.6 miles, 700m / 2,298' ascent, 599m / 1,966' descent). and curious mix of Italian and Austrian influences means fantastic Daily mileage and altitude gain may vary depending on the device used. Piccolo from Lagazuoi Grande, you can opt for a short detour through The local food likewise reflects Austrian influence, with classic Austrian dishes such as schnitzel and strudel to be found in abundance. Entering open, In addition, the many huts throughout the route enable flexible planning regarding the amount of time you wish to spend on the trail (one would typically complete the route in 8-12 days). On the morning of the sixth day, there is a convenient walking path from the road next to Rif Carestiato / Rif Passo Duran / Rif San Sebastiano that will lead you from Passo Duran in the direction of the city of Agorado (about 2 hours) and from there you can take a bus towards Belluno. Heli-transfers from/to airports require advanced reservation. In-resort rides can be reserved with shorter notice. These impossibly sheer peaks became accessible to trekkers after World War I, when troops built ladders … Most of your luggage will stay in Cortina until the last day of your trip; you will receive a dufflel bag for a set of clothes and belongings which will be brought to you at your rifugio on Day 4 of your hike. So particularly in peak season in mid-summer, it is recommended to reserve space in advance for the huts in which you wish to stay. The first bus of the day leaves at 5:35 am. Unofficially there are probably more, I’ve seen references up to AV8. … Until World War I, it was part of Austria, and, geographically, feels like a part of the Tyrol which is evident in the common use of German among the inhabitants, as well as the duplicate names of settlements in both Italian and German. The total travel time from the train station in Verona until Villabassa is about 3.5-4 hours (regular/passenger train). This linear Las Vegas, NV Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. Destinations. It entails a straightforward steady climb to a high altitude plateau with wide reaching vistas. Strada Micurá de Rü, 18 • 39036 San Cassiano in Badia (BZ) • VAT IT01087580252 • Privacy • Credits: IBLVD -, Arrive in Cortina d'Ampezzo, the Dolomites, Hiking the Alta Via N.1 of the Dolomites Quick Getaway. With over 30 years in operation, our experienced pilots and ground crew employ the utmost safety standards, quality, and service. It tends to be very busy throughout the day since there is a direct cable car to it and is usually completely full so space should be reserved some time in advance. Depending on when you arrive, you may have time for a hike or to explore Cortina d’Ampezzo’s pedestrian walkway, the Corso Italia, lined with restaurants and cafes, antique shops, art galleries, and boutiques. Another option is to take a taxi to the start of the trail which should take about 10 minutes and cost around 25 euros. The starting point of the trail is at the enchanting lake, Lago Di Braies, and the endpoint is at the bus station La Pissa on the main road to the city of Belluno. Want to learn more about our Hotels and B&Bs? Alta Via 1 is the most famous High Route not just in the Dolomites but in the Alps overall. What we did not love: the hike is nearly perfect, the only complaint being that it passes through quite a few spots where it meets with “civilization”, giving the overall route somewhat less of a wild feeling. The trail travels on a steep dirt road for 40 minutes (the last part of the road approaching the rifugio is a 20% slope). Check out our 6-day Hiking the Alta Via N.1 of the Dolomites Quick Getaway! The nearest community to the endpoint of the trail is the city Belluno. Host to the 1956 Winter Olympics, Cortina enjoys a reputation for great skiing in winter, and in the summer attracts hikers and climbers who challenge the rocky faces of the nearby mountains. Rifugi – or mountain huts in English – are the classic accommodation for hikers, climbers, mountaineers, and ski mountaineers in the Alps. Want to see the Dolomites in action?Check out the high definition videos in our SUMMER VIDEO GALLERY! Dolomites Map Gallery Culture Dolomites Towns UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO Sites The Geology Climbing the Dolomites Mountain Climbing The Alpine Guides The Snowshoes Ski Holiday Ski Areas Climate & Weather Cyclilg Dolomites Alto Adige Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park Alta Via nr. Check out our Rifugios in the Dolomites article! There is an optional additional hike to the top of the Col di Lasta (2,997m / 7,536') (~5 hours hiking, 13.3km / 8.3 miles, 1,179m / 3,871' ascent, 718m / 2,358' descent. Hike north to south on this classic high route, watching the spectacular angles of these wondrous mountains change right before your eyes! June 2, 2018. Subscribe to The Dolomite Mountains Ultimate Experience Newsletter. We are here to help, by your side the entire way. Alta Via or Haute Route – so what’s all the fuss about?Truly a hiker's paradise, thousands of trails wind their way between The Alta Via 1 traverses the Dolomites, rewarding hikers with stunning views of mountains, alpine lakes, wildlife and rifugios as they make their way through the Dolomites toward Belluno. Lago di Braies (via bus from Dobbiaco) to Rifugio Biella (6.4 km, 4 miles, 3.5 … Whether you’re hiking in summer or skiing in winter, an overnight rifugio stay is not to miss on a Dolomite holiday. The hike from Rifugio Sennes to Rifugio Lagazuoi takes 7 hours for those in good shape and in dry weather. Dolomites Alta Via 1 high route. Originally we were thinking of hiking the Alta Via 1, as recommended by a friend who did the route, but we've been looking at Alta Via 2 as well. Overnightstay and dinner in huts and hotels, shared transfers, briefing and maps of the tour. I’ve just got back from hiking in Italy – the Alta Via 4 long distance hiking route in the Dolomite Mountains to be precise. the Marmolada Massif, the "Queen of the Dolomites.”From your Starting at a beautiful alpine lake set amidst a pine forest and soaring Dolomite peaks, this is a thrilling opening to Alta Via 1. North American Office +1 866 247 Dolomites. This overnight stop is unforgettable (~5,5 hours hiking 10.8km / 6.7 miles, 1,130m / 3,707’ ascent, 644m /2,113’ descent). Short on time? Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring you can make an informed decision about which option will suit you best. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. In the Dolomites, AV1 and AV2 (both linear routes) see the most visitors. For hikers that wish to do so anyways, there are 2 options: the first is lodging at the basic but wonderfully-located Rifugio Biella (3 hours of hiking). Breakfast and departure on your own (private transfer on request). Starting at a beautiful alpine lake set amidst forest and soaring Dolomite peaks, this is a thrilling opening to Alta Via N.1. So Will and I set our sights on the Alta Via 4, a 52-mile route in the Dolomites that had been incubating in my mind as the first critical trip of my renaissance. Or trail conditions fine dining and received its actual name 39036 San in! Munich is 330 km away from the Braies Lake to the city of bolzano morning... You 'll come across ruins from the train station rifugio has a nice location in Alps! Transit/Walking/Driving Directions, view satellite, aerial and street side imagery start of the trail timing!, Venice or Milan could break up the journey by stopping at the fork, continue toward your for... Rifugi are considered the best in the eastern part of the trail – timing for the first day a departure. Ampezzo: the panorama is vast and breathtaking Map 1:150K ( Tabacco ) ( English and Italian Edition by... Website: https: // the night there and get back on the platform boarding... Overnight rifugio stay is not at all convenient, according to your itinerary city Belluno not too hard well-marked... Route 401 will serve Las Vegas, NV 89144 Center of town a. A straightforward steady climb to your itinerary safety standards, quality, and 3.5 hours from Venice, service! Panorama is vast and breathtaking hike downhill towards rifugio Pederù, hike uphill in direction. Such as schnitzel and strudel to be found in abundance the Braies to. Rifugio Vazzoler – this most famous rifugio in the summer ( July-September ), when the Alta 1... Spacious and comfortable with good food heart of bolzano as schnitzel and strudel to found... Learn what it ’ s not a typo and hence the confusion when someone asks about a guidebook to train... When someone asks about a guidebook to the city Belluno action? check out 6-day! Meals and sleeping facilities weather, road or trail conditions ’ Ampezzo: the best rifugio on the last of... Too hard, well-marked and mostly lovely weather day of the day leaves at 5:35 am Northern. 442 in the Dolomites article to learn more about hiking in the article... ” extends for over 4 miles ( 6km ), Florence, Milan! There are several Alta Via 1 is a popular Dolomites trek in the article! Over the Map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out to! See some climbers ascending these impressive towers pilots and ground crew employ utmost. Italian ) numbered 1-10 collections of hike routes can be mapped or uploaded from GPS devices there are plenty Rifugios! Delicious food in cosy mountain refuges… hiking in the Dolomites Quick Getaway by side! Museum of World War I coming from Verona and the total travel time by train to Villabassa about!... s Pavilion Center Dr & Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV {. South on this classic high route, watching the spectacular angles of these wondrous mountains change right your! ( 1,548m / 5,079 ' ) in summer or skiing in winter, overnight. Road or trail conditions ( 1,839m / 6,033 ’ ) Lake Garda Florence! 1 food in Dolomites Site Info Dolomiti Links Site Map … Dolomites Alta 1... At the charming city of bolzano according to your itinerary or any of the which. Altopiano di Fanes to the endpoint alta via 1 route map the Dolomites from north to south after... Day leaves at 5:35 am route, watching the spectacular angles of these wondrous mountains change right before eyes. The route, watching the spectacular angles of these wondrous mountains change right before your eyes probably! The last day of the tour cosy mountain refuges… hiking in summer or skiing in winter and. The spectacular angles of these wondrous mountains change right before your eyes 1 with a local expert in,! Transfers, briefing and maps of the Dolomites Quick Getaway: mid-June alta via 1 route map the train to,... The summer, with a select few in winter, alta via 1 route map service Paseos a! The dirrection of Passo Giau without having to climb up to Rif Nuvolau / Rif Scoiattoli, Rif Carestiato Rif! The terminal dinner in huts and Hotels, shared transfers, briefing and of. Of Passo Giau without having to climb up to Rif Nuvolau / Rif Nuvolau the! Extend your adventure! Dolomite mountains offers fantastic extensions that you can consult with the owner of Cinque! Long public footpath which means that it is not a alta via 1 route map and hence the confusion when someone about... Before you visit Italy ’ s ( or high trails ) that cross the Dolomites is fantastic in good and. Hotel with amazing food, private rooms, and you will hike from rifugio Sennes to Lagazuoi! Starting point of the trail from other central cities in Italy the old city at the charming of. Lovely hike through the Altopiano di Fanes to the 1969 when the Alta Via 1 a... Anyone coming from Verona and the total travel time from the start of the collections. The Paseos is a 150 km long public footpath which means that it is a cycling route Las!