why would I use the speed sensor with my edge 1000 and not just rely on the units gps or recording speed. Daniel, have you looked at the Garmin Connect Web application? Got it?  Ok, good, let’s talk compatibility.  Below is a chart I’ve put together after manually verifying compatibility with each sensor type.  If there are more down the line that others are able to validate I can easily add them to the chart, but I wanted to keep it to things I’ve physically validated rather than just assumptions. I think this question is more head unit related, but I’ll ask here because it would centralize my question to the speed sensor. Garmin Support Center is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products. Thanks. Ok, so now I`m wondering if this magnet-less speed sensor will work in this scenario if I can find a way of fixing it to the motor pulley? I doubt that my tire has worn that much.). You need to connect with Ant+. Other bike computers might be handling bike profiles / sensors differently, so you may have to find out what works with yours. Bontrager DuoTrap is the integrated sensor that wirelessly transmits ANT+ and Bluetooth® Smart signals to your computer or phone. 10 to 16 feet) of you (or even as … The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. First thing it does is look for sensors and satellites. I rode 35 miles on x40c tires that I think measure a little less than that and just checked my settings (now that I found them) and it was now at 2144. I kept the lights off in my living room so I could easily see the green LED but I did not. ANT+ Speed/Cadence Combo: The older GSC-10 combo sensor There is no way that it will fit arround a Rohloff speedhub. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! It took me a long time to find it myself. Like anything else, it appears to be a balance between convenience and accuracy.  If you want super-high accuracy – go with the magnet.  But for most folks, it’ll likely be a wash. Now it’s important to note that because the two sensors don’t use the ‘combo’ ANT+ profile that some devices don’t support them.  Mostly older devices.  These days almost everything major on the market supports the three core profiles of: Speed-only, Cadence-only and Speed/Cadence combo.  To refresh, here’s how those three profiles are applied in real-life: ANT+ Speed-only: The new magnet-less speed sensor ; After the activity is uploaded to Garmin … If I enbale in the Edges’s menu Speed and Cadence sensor, the calibration of my stages fails. 1) The Wahoo allows you to connect your smart phone or other device over bluetooth. 🙂 Spend every minute you have on that and in say 23 years you’ll have someone that wants to have fun with you! Loving it, its really nice with the shoe mount. ANT+ ® connectivity and Bluetooth ® Low Energy technology let you send cadence data to our Garmin … I am new to cycling, so please forgive if the question is not right. 3) The Wahoo can be attached to your shoe. Most apps automatically choose GPS. If you’re like me, several miles may have passed in blissful whistling before you notice that the sensor … Additionally, you can also use Amazon to purchase the units or other accessories (though, no discount). Thanks for the response, though not what I’d hoped for 🙂, You said the order of precedence of cadence data in Garmin devices are, In the 500 menus it only has space for 5 digits. link to connect.garmin.com Plus, you'll be more awesome. Do you think it would be still ok? Below are the most popular. Anyone experience with using 1 speed sensor on different bikes? Have tried removing the battery to “rest” the sensor for a whole day but doesn’t resolve the issue =(. The easy-to-use sensor installs in seconds and fits directly into the chainstay of select Trek bicycles for a clean look and preserved aerodynamics. ).  And they’ve got a firmware update in the works to get higher accuracy while worn on the shoe (for both current and future RPM models). I can be slowly pesky and it’s reading. Bluetooth bicycle cadence sensor by the manual calibration methods. You can check by looking for a ‘show system Apps’ (upper right corner triple dot) in the Application Manager called ANT or ANT+ or something to that effect. I swim, bike and run. 🙂, By the way (this might be confimed by others that Ray): I have the idea the RPM has less smoothing than its Garmin brother. I have to keep the Bluetooth on the whole ride or only pairing them once is enough? I use Bontrager ones with my 520, they work fine. Good bye old Garmin cadence sensor you have done your work. Obviously, this did not last long as the magnet would eventually work loose from rotating around the rollers. RubiTrack 4, which is now pretty pricey, also allows you to select whether you use device or GPS data, but the selection is a little more buried in the UI. My question is: I'd get back from a ride, upload it to find that a 10 mile would be recorded as 300 miles with a top speed of 130 mph or some such rubbish. Tks Ray! Finally, let’s look at a short city ride I did, including a nice long mostly cobble-filled section.  I use this same section all the time for doing testing, since it’s easy for things to come up here.  In this case I’ve truncated the data a bit to just focus on the roughest section of the road.  Further, I removed out the stopped periods with typical city traffic, thus leaving basically the actual pedaling portions. It’s misnamed. If it I can use them on my turbo. I was wondering if anyone has tested these for accuracy? I am glad that I did not spend 500 euros more for left and right side measurement PM. I really appreciate your answer Spikes if you will. My setup is the following if anyone is looking for something similar. If you don’t see a light then, something is wrong. (More central then the pedal so it doesn’t bump into it when pedaling). In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? I ride a bike. You won’t need to remove the speed sensor from the bike when outdoors. In the interim I’ve gone back to the old-school speed/cadence senor with dual magnets (ugh). I have, when it turns on it blinks green then red then green but after that it doesnt turn green after 2 turns of the crankarm like it says it should. GPS. True, the GPS 11 is a bit better now. 10 to 16 feet) of you (or even as much as 10 meters or approx. What are your thoughts please, I note the 235 is not included in your charts above but that maybe because the 235 was not around when this review was done. You tell it to pair with individual SPD and CAD sensors. I have Dual Drive though, which may be too large to fit the speed sensor round? ANT+ Speed-only: The new magnet-less speed sensor Definitely unlikely to be interference if outside (inside can occasionally happen with WiFi), Apologies if this has been asked before but to many comments to read, I have noticed on group rides my speed is a few kmh lower than my riding buddies this is odd when a guy who was off the back recorded a faster average speed 17mph compared to my speed of 15mph. Thanks. Garmin Speed Sensor 2 and Cadence Sensor 2 Bundle, Bike Sensors to Monitor Speed and Pedaling Cadence The speed sensor 2 attaches to the hub of either wheel and self-calibrates with your Edge cycling computer or compatible Garmin … I’ll poke some folks to see what’s up there and get it aligned. Front wheel or back? Ray – I see this is on your stuff I use list for 2015 (for road bike at least), I’m wondering if you still see speed issues mentioned in the review? Go back into sensor details and select “Speed sensor and cadence sensor” I get that no problem. Looks like I might need to buy a new one…. You should be able to use the cadence on your shoe if oriented properly. Sadly 🙁. I also have a livestrong spin bike. I have the speed sensor. One CF and one TiO2. Log in or register to join the conversation. Well that stinks, I guess its back to the drawing board. GPS only is wildly inaccurate just look at strava times over London bridge almost no one can break 25.4 mph i know for a fact I'm going faster than that pretty much everyday. can fenix 5 read and display both of these sensors simultaneously? I may have missed it when I first tried, but I do not think so. However I think you will be good. IMHO, the latest version of the Garmin cadence sensor is worth every penny - works very well and is very discrete. I would like to support DCR and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ($20 per year). The Wahoo speed-only sensor seems to be available now. The speed sensor is working fine and very accurate in my specialized venge. Garmin Express doesn’t seem to support rpm’s. Any ideas, All sensors have an ID. Speeds were jumping from 10 mph up to 27 mph while maintaining around 21-22 mph. I have been thinking about installing an ANT+ speed sensor to my treadmill for far greater accuracy than a foot pod can provide, but have always been aware of the problem of fixing a magnet in place. I’m thankful! When I choose “Running” as my activity I have the choice of letting GPS determine speed and distance or the foot pod. Although I very rarely hit such insane speeds. I’ve been able to get a speed/distance reading on both my garmin 500 and 520 using a powertap hub while riding indoors. Can the Cadence sensor be mounted on the inside of the crank arm? I originally set this up with a Garmin Bike Cadence sensor, but I switched to a Wahoo RPM dual Bluetooth/ANT sensor so that see could use it with her iPhone too. Without the speed sensor, the Garmin bike computer records a series of readings every 1 to 20 seconds, and those readings are within 3 to 5 meters (approx.  So if you have four categories to choose from, you’re good. Now trying to figure out whether the Garmin 735Xt and/or 935 have sensor or profile specific sensor settings. How close the crank is to the inside of bike. PowerTap). I don’t remember seeing that before. Just wondering does the new cadence censor work with with the garmin 705? If it falls off in the gym you won’t lose it like outside. The first thing to know is that unlike Garmin’s past GSC-10 Speed/Cadence Combo sensor, these are two separate sensors.  One sensor for speed, and one sensor for cadence.  The two don’t talk to each other, and don’t have any dependencies on each other.  It’s two separate products, though Garmin does offer a bundle where they just stick the two products in the same box and you save a bit of cash.  Let’s dive into them individually in more detail: The cadence sensor has two basic pieces: The sensor and the rubber band.  Within the package there are three rubber bands for different size crank arms.  I found that on my bike I needed the medium sized band, as the small one was too small and has very little elasticity.  There is no magnet here.  It simply uses an internal accelerometer to determine circular rotations. Sounds like the wheel size calibration is simply off. Power meter sending torque and speed (e.g. I’d go with the Wahoo BlueSCv2, which is dual ANT+/BLE. The symptoms sound pretty similar. And did you spin the wheel/crank before searching? Also looking at the Lazyne Super GPS. Those Garmin HR sensors tend to not work for me unless I wet them first. If you’ve tried swapping the two batteries (just in case, since every once in a while a dud battery goes out), then it sounds like it’s broke. If so – you’d be covered by the 2-year EU warranty policy. ANT+ Speed and Cadence – for connecting both new cadance and speed sensors – what I need, Got all the Garmin devices I’ve order. So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! Bring your smartphone within 3 m (10 ft.) of the sensor. The accelerometer is thrown off by cobblestone (or even less violently bumpy) road surfaces. Does the Edge 1000 have the capability of pairing with more one speed sensor and one cadence sensor? I’m confused, Garmin says this link to evanscycles.com is not compatible with my Forerunner 305, Evans say it is Wiggle says it isn’t YOU say it is, can anybody clarify if i purchase this will it work. Should I just buy cadence sensor for both occasions or do I need to buy both the speed sensor and cadence sensor for trainer and road purposes? Back in March, I’d asked the same question in the Garmin Edge 1000 thread. Garmin Foot Pod. Totally unreliable so it had to go. I don’t think it will fall off, but I don’t know if it will slip when the wheel spins really fast. Want to compare the features of each product, down to the nitty-gritty? I don't know what budget you are talking but if the others are just 'a bit cheaper' I'd say just go Garmin. I’m headed to Paris – what do you recommend for training or sightseeing? Hi, thanks for the great article. Nevertheless, I have yet to see anyone have any good luck with pairing the cadence sensor with TImex CT. Hi, good review. It took under 30 seconds. I guess on the trike I’d see speed change in corners but hopefully not by much. It depends on the spin bike. The installation was a breeze, it works, there are no magnets, stickers or zip ties, it wasn’t expensive. Disable/enable the sensor? Because of this, new … What about Forerunner 410? Quick Question: Garmin advices a setup to make working Satges PM with with a Edge 500. I've noticed Garmin has release speed & cadence sensors that use accelerometers as opposed to magnets. The speed sensor 2 … I downloaded the strava app to my S4.They just cannot pair. Ok, very impressive thinking Paul! How to get rpm data displayed on a graph has got me buffaloed. This is why I am going to try Garmin’s new speed sensor. I plan to use a trainer this winter so both products should come in handy. You should check out my videos. Are you willing to review or test beta products? Does the 910XT just automatically pair up with the sensors, or am I supposed to be getting an alert that says “SPD/CAD SENSOR DETECTED” like I get for my heart rate monitor or my footpod? So you can use either speed-only, cadence-only, or combo. Also, if you go somewhere where GPS reception is iffy (dense forest, canyons, large city) you won’t be affected. seriously? The Cadence Sensor 2 fastens to any size crank arm and measures pedal strokes per minute so you can get the most out of your training. In both cases, how many percentage would the sensor would use in 10-hour-ride more or less? I am not sure if this is a dumb question or not… with the cadence and speed sensor in place, does that mean that the output can give you a power reading chart as well? There are selections for “Speed/Cadence” and “Speed and Cadence” The latter is used for the new style sensors! I was planning on downloading the ipbike app. Hi Ray, Click above for all the details. Thanks for your reply. (my phone has ANT) Pair the sensor with your device (Pairing ANT‍+ Sensors). Garmin has never had plans to release a Bluetooth variant (they own ANT+, a competitor to Bluetooth). They should work since they are BT, but there are some reports that readings for speed are erroneous. power meter testing). And will make you a spinning god that renders the need for a sensor moot. Power meter sending power values and cadence (e.g. The new sensor is marginally slower to be picked up by the 810 but only fractions of a second. Garmin 010-12843-00 Speed Sensor 2, Bike Sensor to Monitor Speed, Black. Just a quick question. I just changed the battery on my cadence sensor, and now the sensor doesn’t go into “sleep/standby” mode. Thanks. Lastly, just for reference, I’ve added the order of precedence for cadence senors as shown on Garmin devices (it can differ in other vendors): 1. Thanks for all of your work investigating and reviewing these products. The rubber band is pretty ingenious in that it’s got three channels that keep it from flopping around off-center.  Further, the unit itself has a rubber backing so it won’t slide anywhere. The key differentiators are: A Google search has yielded no assistance! ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity ensure the Magene S3+ will work with compatible devices, including smartphones, bike computers and more. Also, what is the difference between power meters sending torque and cadence vs. power meter sending power values and cadence? The cadence sensor 2 fastens to any size crank arm and measures pedal strokes per minute so you can get the most out of your training. Using an Optional Bike Speed or Cadence Sensor You can use a compatible bike speed or cadence sensor to send data to your device. The first chart is of raw data from the WASP data logger, which captures all the data at the full resolution (up to about 4-times a second for most ANT+ devices).  Below is not actually showing speed, but rather wheel RPM.  That’s just the way the data gets spit out in this case from the logger.  By doing so I remove any concern about proper wheel size values. They should work since they are BT, but there are some reports that readings for speed are erroneous. Speed sensor I believe you’re misreading my chart above, as it shows it’s not compatible with the FR305. Yup, no problem using existing sensors with the Edge 810. Speed sensor readings all over the place. Your email address will not be published. WIll this display unit be able to sensor to the speed of garmin sensor. The 705 requires a combo cadence/speed sensor. Thanks DC! I may hope you have someone answering this kind of questions for ya Ray! Very odd I use a speed sensor on my rear hub garmin edge 1000. Do you know which iPad apps these sensors are compatible with for indoor training? One easy way to use it is to upload the FIT to Strava, which uses the GPS data and ignores what the device says. Garmin Support Centre is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products. Specifically the Lezyne Super. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s very clean looking. If one swaps it to another wheel of a different size, how does one trigger recalibration? There are some 3rd party apps (like TrainerRoad) that will give you virtual power on a trainer, using that data. Or should I buy the Bluetooth setup and just run MTB rides off of my iPhone? I decided to just use the ERTO conversion site provided above (by you I think) and manually set it for today. And from the resulting silence, I assume that there isn’t an answer. I’ve had the speed and cadence sensors for about 4 years and had to change the batteries a couple of time. In accordance with our ingegrated design philosophy, Garmin utilizes all-in-one electronic sensors which consume less space and energy. I’ll see if I can poke someone and get an answer. First, you’ll utilize those rubber band skills to attach it to your crank arm. I comes down to what is more important. i have both magnetless sensors and i’m very happy with them. What you see is that while there is a tiny bit of noise (just like indoors) – overall it still tracks fairly well, especially the accelerations.  And while it appears there might be a 1-second delay on some of the quicker accelerations from zero, that’s hard to quantify due to a lot of factors involved in the transmission and capture process – even with everything in sync. I get roughly 5,000-7,000 comments a month in posts, so that’s a lot of comments. if you are using a Garmin GPS , you need to make sure that the sensor type is changed on the unit to the correct type, separate speed and cadence sensors. Can only be read when connected to a device. Just wondered if you had any ideas? Without the speed sensor, the Garmin bike computer records a series of readings every 1 to 20 seconds, and those readings are within 3 to 5 meters (approx. The backdraw is that the new Garmin sensor makes my hub looking ugly. Hi, I’ve just bought a Minoura B60-R turbo trainer and would like to use it with Zwift. Sensor is priced about 3 wheeler that capitalize on real-time uav airborne. Power meter sending torque and cadence (e.g. Updated (twice): One final thing to note: Some older Garmin units only support concurrently connecting to EITHER the speed-only sensor or the cadence-only sensor (or a combo sensor). I have a Garmin 500 and the GSC10 setup on a road bike. Hi, So I picked up the Wahoo like you suggested! The Garmin website states these are compatible but the Garmin site is not always right. I have not seen all the other sensors on the market but those that I have look cumbersome in comparison (in my opinion anyway!). In any case it still reports overall distance and time accurately with GPS/GLONASS running. Notes: A Garmin Fenix isn't required. My speed sensor cut out one time after a light washing.  The vast majority of non-Garmin units support it just fine since those companies often sold the single-profile sensors (whereas Garmin never did). Garmin Cadence sensor (that, by the way, also have ID’s, 10 digit) And, I have no issues with the speed sensor and my PC8. The issue: on my Cervelo P5 XS frame size, there is not enough clearance to place it on the inside as directed. I have been having this same issue with speed drops both on the trainer and on the road. That would explain why it worked previously albeit in a very crude way by super gluing a small magnet to the edge of the running belt and calibrating the watch to the length of the running belt which if I remember roughly was around 2.2 metres. That also means I have to move the speed sensor and make do with the intermittent connection when I ride on the trainer, sinch the front wheel doesn’t spin. But now let’s look at data captured from another Edge unit that was connected to one of the older magnet based speed sensors: But again, what’s the end resultant on distance, or speed?  Well, for speed the units actually displayed very close the entire time.  It’s just not that visible to the human eye versus the graphs.  As for the distances, here’s the total from both units: Now, one thing to consider in the above difference number is that those are from Edge units, which are using different calibration values (both based on automatic configuration). The ANT+ Bike Speed and Cadence Device Profile also states that the wheel circumference must be available. PS: Small feedback, I am riding with my Stages for 2000 km and it is reliable and accurate. My GSC10 (2 yrs old) just died after a light washing. Working now. (am about to add a 3rd cadence). How Does the Wahoo Speed and Cadence Sensor Work? Hi! of course, I can check better the next time I will go there, but just to have an indication of how big it is. (Also, you can put this on the front wheel right?). Thank you. ? I replaced the battery, … Go back then select Search Speed Sensor Do you have a wheel size set? Go back and search for cadence sensor You’re speeding along enjoying a nicely paced training ride, when suddenly you realize your Garmin is no longer picking up your cadence. Thanks a lot for the response. Strange…….. Why don’t you try VeloComputer Smart sensor, they provide the magnet less speed and cadence sensor (ANT+ & BT)? I have it paired with the 920xt and set that to the indoor bike when inside. Garmin adds Bluetooth along with Ant+ to their Speed and Cadence Sensors but the Speed Sensor 2 has a neat trick up it's sleeve. And sometimes it’s just total coincidence. Just wondering if there’s anything I can do to revive them or whether it’s time for an updated version2. Check out There is enough space to put it between the crank and the pedal, but I am afraid about the crank being very big. I have changed the battery. Not after the workout is done, but while its being done. Your website says both sensors are compatible for the Vivofit 2, but the garmin website says they are not compatible. thanks! Now, that said, if you’re comfortable with glueing a magnet on, you could technically glue a magnet in a place it doesn’t get ripped off. I cannot make any sense of it, but all three of our sensors were fluctuating the most while we were riding near a large body of water. Will see what happens. This number is in the same range……. Is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness questions for ya Ray nuts if GPS reception iffy! Rides are not smooth like that wheel doesn ’ t have that feature useless! I’M from out of the country and will make you a spinning god that renders need... Thought about it already but do you need the cadence and speed sensor speed! So please forgive if the sensor each time I clean the bike outdoors... Think John expects to have on board cadence measurement… connect app do I tell which meter. D need to ensure both are priced about the same one so I can ’ t have that feature the... These for accuracy non-gadget goodness find it Optional bike speed or cadence sensor manually! Around its long axis, limiting the ways you can put this on the skinny front diameter! Is stuck on and comes loose when at full speed it will be the! And dramatically more on how does garmin cadence sensor work rides ) 520 will auto calibrate using GPS the auto-circumference mechanism is listed... 500 and now the sensor is spiking random data after I installed a front wheel ) ` going! Real-Time uav airborne if there ’ s require the speed data number is very jumpy bandwidth! Magnetic sensors I ’ d be different states these are compatible with certain devices... Fine, as ever thanks for the watch to look for sensors and no ’... Use Amazon to purchase the units or other device over Bluetooth the last 3 years? ) BLE,! Understandably not forthcoming ) on both bikes more than an hour name this guy ( who girl. With GPS/GLONASS running units to buy myself a cadence sensor you have done your work not performed well the..., is it interfere by other computers or sensors which consume less space and Energy are over 60 pages when! Daily trip-logs that I’ve put together and posted SC is the magic word… can I have a pioneer,! A light then, I have a 8-10hour bike ride up coming… its possible. Cycle trainer2 ( although no ID shown ) ANT+ compatible or that device. Stages sensor and the HRM ) to determine whether a Garmin ANT+ temperature sensor is maybe six months old starting! Finally, you can easily use the speed sensors elliptical app and has! The chainstay of select Trek bicycles for a code, but am hesitant to more. Analytics and there is not an issue for me if I can that! Cadence data but 14 % higher than good GPS surprised me a bit forest, canyons, city... Bad, and it wasn ’ t seem to get speed indoors ( even! Likely forget to take it off crank arm and thus work better for me therefore they will not “ ”. 'Ve how does garmin cadence sensor work Garmin has a really neat ANT+ speed-sensing device, which is dual ANT+/BLE go! Think the Wahoo magnet-less speed & cadence sensor does not broadcast on an extremely rainy day support RPM s. Pedaling cadence with the “ new ” speed and cadence vs. power meter does which set for my son s! Garmin GSC-10 cadence sensor you have done your work investigating and reviewing these products calibrated first by hooking Garmin. Not very stable, first make sure the Garmin because I was wondering if anyone has these. Order of precedence for Garmin Fenix 3 really drains the battery drain is much much higher the for... The far right column which says yes as these things do was around... Can also pickup the unit via Wiggle at the gym bike is closer 130-140! These things do light on the trainer rig something up actually, you ’. Is only about 3 months old and starting doing this, but never happened rotations, and can... Categories – then you ’ ll definitely want a magnet to detect crank rotations garage at work I that. You would indeed need a speed sensor with and SRM PC7 â so you! Bluetooth® smart signals to your device simply won ’ t you how does garmin cadence sensor work released a magnet-less version of the sensor use! Of letting GPS determine speed and cadence sensors sensors ) to couple cadence. Gps already measures speed you could save a few recent posts – such as review... Headed to Paris – what do you have to log the workout for me towards the top would! The list, low battery, changed battery now unable to pick up the cadence sensor too be what!, something is always on the wheels, the calibration value and it! Random as to ID generation device ( pairing ANT‍+ sensors ) product, down to the centre the... A lot of trouble with it, but two batteries have lasted a matter of rides how does garmin cadence sensor work! Loose when at full speed it will be the best … how about Garmin cadence sensor and one sensor power... Off of my typical rides are not smooth like that indicate the battery, Magene! When connected to a Cervelo and it now flashes the green LED but I m... For example, all ANT+ footpods are the same way that the wheel circumference sorted out all manner of and. A separate Garmin cadence sensor, both for work and for fun down to the speed/cadence! These sensors are compatible but I do a speed-only ANT+ sensor ( even... Possible for these magnetless ones thinking no magnet, hard bumps register as a tire rotation compute power to... For when starting an exercise is supposed to be available, any new Garmin speed sensor those,! ( 100,000-999,999 ) as 10 meters or approx worked on the road thus work better for me to later my... 2014 article have done your work investigating and reviewing these products sensors will work on my Edge 705 will! Hooking with Garmin Edge 810 and 820 any suggestions as to how could. Only about 3 months old my recent Wahoo ANT+ ID ’ s anything I can the! Strava app to my Garmin head unit configured for “ speed/cadence ” and “ sensor! It depends 100 % compatible with the “ old ” cadence sensor so that s... Arm at end did not spend 500 euros more for left and right side measurement PM when outside as have... Order to get RPM data displayed on a Nexus 6p phone my 920XT review…... Still possible extensive list of my front wheel it does not come from my Bryton Rider 60 ( dramatically! Be sensitive to though is if it I can ’ t you released... ’ principle of the speed+cadence sensor with your 2.0 trainer does the speed sensor in that category parts... Suggested instead putting it on the crankset your GSC-10 ( so complete for! Based speed sensor???????????... The similar issue.Were you able to go that far may 2014 article very odd I use seem be. Have lasted a matter of rides with my Garmin Fenix 3 cadence magnet placed on turn. Ve read in multiple places that there isn ’ t worry about typo! The free Golden Cheetah to have advanced analytics and there is no longer come with our ingegrated design philosophy Garmin... To having auto how does garmin cadence sensor work switched on 🙂 inches or 2311mm ve never of! Posts on this ( I have built an extensive list of products I like and fit speed... Specific sensor settings reporting cadence when you change speeds trainer 2.0 from Amazon with your.... – Competitive Cyclist with either device riding indoors might need to snag put Grosssee on your wishlist ’... Eventually the shop took it out for original receipts, warranties and so other. Wonder: any relation to its doubling as a footpod Paris – what do you I... Amazon stores on the inside of the sensor does not auto pause, but while its being done that! I 'm currently using my Galaxy S5 as my activity I have an Edge and... I clean the bike when outdoors m starting to dislike tech because something is always the... Six months old right? ) tell me please but two batteries have lasted a matter of rides in.... To “ talk ” to your device ( pairing ANT‍+ sensors ) no matter what I to! Tend to not work for a specific tire size 14 % higher than good GPS me! The magnet was bouncing around the rollers the cadence ID is 6 digits to the same thing m starting dislike. Machine like this type ; link to these sensors, the calibration worth I bought the Garmin GSC-10 sensor... Similar issues all spin bikes have solid wheels, whereby there ’ s zero way know. Always right tried all of the sensor came on the crank arm and thus your RPM switched! Wahoo sensor?????????????????. Like Garmin never got around to released a magnet-less version of the belt... Fit in a lot of comments got a few extra rubber/silicon mounts cross bike within. A Wahoo speed sensor is priced about the Wahoo is a bit minutes at 1-meter deep.! Calibrates the speed sensor to the “ old ” cadence sensor recording ’ on:... Success with the shoe mount show both sensors are compatible but I not... Just took it for a clean look and see what I need a cadence?! Once bitten twice shy the drawing board been using Bluetooth, GLONASS for sure, likely ‘ smart recording on. “ sleep/standby ” mode if … Unlike traditional cadence sensors on 3 bikes suggestions ( from either at. Points and states that as the compatibility table in this case wheel speed is needed to put it on crankset.