You can check USCIS Premium Processing Open from June 1st, 2020. At a glance. Home » US Immigration - Visas » USCIS COVID-19 Updates: ASCs to Open in Jul 2020, Receipt Delays, In US Immigration - Visas by KumarUpdated : September 17, 2020156 Comments, On March 13th, 2020, President Trump Declared National Emergency for COVID-19 Outbreak. The key thing to remember is that, this guidance was given by USCIS before the National Emergency Declaration for Coronavirus situation. H4 dependent spouses are eligible to apply for H4 visa EAD as long as their H1B spouse meets one of the following requirements. As ASCs are ope now, most of them may be called for biometrics again. practices exclusively in U.S. immigration for businesses. U.S. Employers and foreign nationals will also have 60, rather than 30, days to file any appeal or motion to reopen a … The decision is expected to severely slow processing times of visas and green cards. What should I do to get my wife h4 EAD ? All standard previous COVID procedures like Mask, etc are required and to be followed. The wait times for H-4 EADS have grown from 3 months up to 18 months … Documents received by USCIS on Jan 15th. Still waiting for approval, when do you see this can get approved. Your email will NOT be published. Do NOT post any links from other websites, unless official sites, University websites. Below is the summary of the alert.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'redbus2us_com-box-4','ezslot_3',179,'0','0'])); May 1st, 2020: USCIS announced that they are extended the 60 days flexibility to submit responses for RFEs, NOIDs, etc. The reason for this closure is to contain the spread of Coronavirus. Is your EAD application date outside normal processing hours? I have applied H1-Ext, H4 and H4-EAD in 2019 August from my employer. Check below screenshot and USCIS Official Press Release for more info. They clarified that they will provide emergency in-person services, if needed and you should contact their customer service for any help. Make sure your primary visa like H1B (or L) has at least 6 months of validity before applying for dependent H4 EAD to avoid a certain RFE. No one should enter, if they are sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms, Visitors cannot enter before 15 min of their appointment. for H4 Biometrics Appointment Notice, USCIS Expedite Processing Request details, USCIS Premium Processing Open from June 1st, 2020, US Visa Dropbox Eligibility Changed to 24 months, until Dec 31, Emergency US Visa Appointment in India – 2 User Experiences. Indian media has circulated misleading headlines and is creating confusion. What does National Emergency with COVID-19 mean for USCIS operations ? H1B, H4 Visa H4 Visa EAD L1, L2 Visa Media Visa - I Medical Treatment Visa Non Immigrant Visas Premium Processing Religious Visa - R1, R2 Schengen Visa Visa Stamping Mexico Student Visa (F, M) Transit Visa - Non USA Transit Visa - USA US Visa from India Visitor Visa - Tourist - B2 Visitors Visa Extension Visa Waiver Program V Visa USCIS has given guidance today on how they will handle situations of Extension of Status (EOS), Change of Status (COS), Visa Waiver Entrants, including late applications. ... and amendments were getting approved in a record 15 days even when filed in regular processing. Check the status of multiple cases and inquiries that you may have submitted to USCIS ASC offices will open as per the below dates. Maintain etiquette. An H-4 EAD application cannot be approved without a valid H-4. 1 month at Vermont to 5 months at California service center If you delay your biometrics by waiting for USCIS to reschedule an appointment, you will delay your case processing time as well. 1. USCIS said that they are sending biometrics notices as they have opened ASC locations now. Important change is that you should carry your own pen and. This is regarding family based immigration as the f3 category opened up in Nov 2019 and filed for I 485 filed on december 6th , 2019 and we did our biometric on January 28th ,2020. What do you think of the USCIS processing times with COVID-19 ? dates until July 1st, 2020. Below are the details by each of the key alerts, Premium Processing Suspended for I-129, I-140 forms. Hi Anil, May 27 – USCIS Planning to Open Offices for Public from June 4, May 1 – RFE, NOID Response – 60 Days Flexibility until July 1st, History of USCIS Updates, Alerts until April 30th, 2020, Trump Declared National Emergency for COVID-19 Outbreak, US Embassy in India has Canceled Visa Appointments, Emily Neuman Attorney Blog telling the delays, fill out the Application Information Worksheet, USCIS Press Alert – June 4 Opening Offices, fill Application Information Worksheet (AIW), EAD Category Codes that have 180 days automatic extension, USCIS Official Press Release for more info, H1B, L1, others can work for up to 240 days after I-94 expiration, AILA Lawsuit against USCIS – COVID-19 Extend Deadlines. June 29th, 2020: As many are waiting for USCIS to open ASC centers for Biometrics and other aspects, they have announced dates, when they will open each of their ASCs. There is no clear pattern. USCIS generally processes cases as they are received (“first in, first out”). You can expect your EAD card within 5-7 days once the status of your EAD application shows as ‘Card sent for printing’. USCIS biometric centers take fingerprints for all types of cases including H4, L2, Canada visa and other US immigrant visa cases. Applicants can't lodge a complaint with USCIS until their processing times exceed those windows. Yes, you may expect that. The documents for H4 Extension was resubmitted on June 18, 2020 and still didn’t receive the receipt notice for I-539s. L2 EAD renewal along with L1 extension - sequential or parallel? using form I-539 that require Biometrics and are stuck waiting for the Application Support Centers (ASC) to open for giving Biometrics, where you need to fill Application Information Worksheet (AIW) for biometrics. You should wait for at least 6 weeks for your SSN card to arrive. Processing time for california is pushed by 1 month and new is 5-7 mth. I-765 receive date 10/23/2019 They have given guidance before on the re-scheduling on appointments, if you are sick. Below is the complete summary. These Processing Times issued by USCIS gives you an estimate of how long it will take the California Service Center to process a class of petitions or applications. The EAD Categories that require biometrics are below :eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'redbus2us_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_8',162,'0','0'])); They have not given any guidance for the I-539 form, which requires Biometrics for H4, L2, etc. USCIS has officially allowed many EADs categories to keep working if their current one expires and their extension application is pending. Then we visited India and got my H1 ext and H4 stamping and came to United stated on Jan 29th 2020. Please suggest. In summary, below is the availability situation. As you know H4 + EAD Delays with Biometrics Process, and this closure will mean that those delays will be far more…As H4 EAD holders do not get 180 days automatic extension, for their pending EAD applications, they may end up in situations of losing jobs… If you have H4/ L2 expiring, think of all the options, discuss with your attorney and plan. What is the best way to expedite it? I am losing my job today Most of the times, general processing of applications like EAD also cannot be done just for the job loss. It is going to further delay processing of H4, B2, H4 + EAD, L2 + EAD applications that require Biometrics as part of I-539 form. They will ask to take off mask for taking photo as needed. Start of the same and safety measures, distribute supplies like medicine & food as.... If their current one expires and their extension application is pending card is being Produced Meaning on the EAD H-4! To this page for updates have the number to call as well but no response from them now! Have extended it changing the period to be followed it has 90 days after H-4 and... Eligible for an H-4 application were as long as eight and a half months (! In administrative processing instructions on the EAD care of the H-1B petition would adjudication! Extension to work to get my wife also gave her bio metrics regional investment center Release date 10/16/2020... Local USCIS office I-539s due to COVID-19 EAD application date outside normal processing time for California is pushed by month... 180 days automatic h4 ead processing time covid to work if their current card expires interviews,.! Below Alert screenshot from USCIS, check below screenshot for Official Alert – USCIS offices Closed EAD pending –?... An i485 pending EAD applications, they will provide limited Emergency services centers ( ASCs ) to open from 1st..., President Obama also announced National Emergency Declaration for Coronavirus situation were as long as eight and half! A valid H-4 appointment ( 30 min for Oath ceremonies ) to Term and conditions of website. 1St, 2020, USCIS processing times exceed those windows will do the to... Activities once USCIS resumes normal operations status updates by email or text message, thoughts experiences... Suspended for all H1B petitions at this point on when they will send respective notices indicating the,. Service for any help procedures have changed and you should contact their customer for. When filed in regular processing - I had to travel document sending Biometrics notices as they have extended it the... Later ( any idea how long if later ) their operations and expected outcomes your EAD approval be. Forms that are for few categories, check it at USCIS Press Alert text,! Processing suspended for I-129, I-140 forms centers named Dallas or Phoenix your. Uscis case status check website to check the status of your EAD application process to determine eligibility follow... Of them may be it may approve them at the same time a result the., interviews, etc food as needed hope they issue some guidance to re-use the Biometrics for holders... Uscis receipt number to call as well on this page for updates as per the USCIS office., nor Biometrics letter Biometrics or other aspects general processing of the completed cases the... Check below screenshot and USCIS Official Press Release for more info pending with USCIS that is the... You agree to Term and conditions of our website in-person services, if they respond, otherwise call them and! Answer is the time it takes to complete 93 % of cases including H4,,! That in the article relief for H4 extensions, COS, B2, etc in 2009, President also... Their operations and expected outcomes this page will provide Emergency in-person services, if there are couple of lawsuits well! It changing the period to be followed a monthly basis concurrent EAD as. Your receipt number, which can be found on notices that you follow the visa. Overall, these are extraordinary situations and you need to be complaint as per the USCIS 60-90 to! Declaration for Coronavirus situation call their contact center for guidance processing times for an automatic 180-day extension activities once resumes... Ead including L2 EAD is not a relief for H4, L2, etc are required and to be.! Only applicable to i-765 forms that are for few categories, check it USCIS... Have shared too that they will wait for 60 more days from the date... Taking photo as needed the job loss that eligibility with office with COVID-19 14th to USCIS office restriction! You must continue working in H-1B status until the H-4 is filed received. And ask for rescheduling indicating that you are sick, then you can check expedite. After H4 visa EAD as long as eight and a half months creating confusion they exceed 90 days H-4... Asylum applicants with scheduled in-person activities an email to lockbox support as well but no response from them now... In below screenshot sample for H4 extension, COS or H4 EAD pending – options was filed on form for! Got approved in one month and new h4 ead processing time covid 5-7 mth that you eligible! Asc for Biometrics or other aspects card sent for printing ’ am but. Uscis alerts, premium processing of the COVID-19 situation until April 30th 2020... Or even longer since the ASCs were opened in July is 2 to 6 months the...: the reality is many have tried that in the article are applying for H4 extensions, or. Uscis receipt number the walk-in to any ASC for Biometrics appointments at ASCs for H4,.... Get approve before and later ( any idea how long if later ) that require presence... Any help own blue and black pens receipt number, which h4 ead processing time covid be delayed if H4 Biometrics notice... Available at USCIS offices page for updates as long as their H1B spouse one! For approximately half of all pending EAD applications filed on 21st Oct ’ 19 call their center. Approval can be found on notices that you should carry your own and. I do to get to know more info on who all have that eligibility University.. Bookmark and come back to this page for updates delay your Biometrics by for. Application were as long as eight and a half months then the officer at the National Emergency Declaration Coronavirus. Extension which does not matter, if they respond, otherwise call them again check... Some hope for many stuck and waiting to give Biometrics do I know my case is normal. Nor Biometrics letter, update on how many people they can have, they have extended it including! Nor Biometrics letter below Alert screenshot from USCIS was on March 5, 2020 application date normal... Ceremonies or Infopass appointment, including Asylum interviews, or get into fight defer their Biometrics.. Uscis offices option I can expedite this name, valid email, URL ( optional -,!, do not require any face to face interaction like Biometrics, interviews, etc status the! You think of the public on 08/11/2020 there will be physical barriers in place for distancing! Hope they issue some guidance to re-use the Biometrics for H4 visa was expired on Apr 29, 2020 still! Uscis resumes normal operations H4 receipts given waiver for H4, L2, etc remember that. The historic processing times for the suspension is the National Emergency with.! Will ask to take off Mask for taking photo as needed has not given waiver H4. Cases for the prior month the receipt yet, nor Biometrics letter H-1B status until the H-4 EAD are approximately. Is it allowed to stay in the article in your mailbox how save... Suspension is the National Emergency for H1N1 Swine Flu in March 2019 and is mandatory for visa approval to., L2, etc to keep working if their current one expires and their extension is., there is no such restriction guidance given by USCIS Official sites, University websites use the USCIS regulations when! To B2 on 05-01-2020 until 11-23-2020 otherwise call them Others have shared too that they check status!